Advance Directive

Social Services at Putnam Ridge support a resident’s right to participation in health care decision making. They provide resident’s and their families with knowledge about health care treatment directives, education, make referrals for health services, and coordinate to provide for the resident’s emotional and mental needs. They also assist in the creation of health care proxys.

We respect and encourage each individual’s rights to participate in planning his/her health care, either directly in writing, or by appointment of another individual (health care proxy) for decision making when the resident is unable to communicate their wishes. Health Care Proxy engages only if the resident is unable to participate in their healthcare decision making. It is important that the patient discusses their choices with their family, physicians, and attorney so that others will be aware of their wishes.

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Social Services at Putnam Ridge

Our Social Services team collaborates with families and our other healthcare professionals to provide essential information, manage requests and concerns, and help in care planning and discharge planning for each resident. We provide a valuable resource by helping residents adjust to the changes related to their new environment. Our interdisciplinary assessment is relevant and individualized to the overall needs and abilities of each resident. It combines input from our medical director, nursing, dietary, therapy, and family members. Our staff plays a vital role in meeting our resident’s continual needs and makes sure they are given the opportunity to participate in planning for their care needs while at Putnam Ridge.

Some of the many Social Services provided to our residents include:

  • Assist with Advanced Directives documents
  • Arrange resident plan of care meetings
  • Help residents to adjust to new surroundings
  • Assessment and screenings
  • Communicate with other disciplines to coordinate care
  • Counseling residents and their families
  • Discharge planning
  • Fosters a positive self-image for the residents
  • Advocate on resident’s behalf
  • Stress management
  • Support cultural diversity
  • Support and enforce Residents’ Rights
  • Ensuring the social and emotional needs of each resident are met
  • Advanced Care Planning